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An honest exploration to see your true power, purpose & potential.

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This video series is for you if you are awakening to who you are, beyond your human self,
and if you know deep down that you - are - here - for - a reason (and no, you’re not crazy).

It is my intention that after watching these videos: 

  • you are more confident & believe in your own greatness 
    (where staying humble and acknowledging your gifts go hand in hand).

  • you see more clearly what has been holding you back
    and you have uncovered the beliefs and fears that have stopped you from fully expressing yourself.

  • you know what your next step is and what changes are needed in your daily life
    to be more in sync with what you came here to be, do & create.




The trap of the Spiritual Seeker

In this video I share about how your desire for personal development & growth can turn into an endless loop of seeking and you get to look at all the ways in which you are giving your power away. 



What is holding you back from fully expressing yourself?

By tuning into your future vision you get to see how you are hiding & holding back in this moment. And I talk about the 3 main fears I believe everyone has to face when you want to share your gifts with the world.



Closing the gap: are you LIVING it?

In this video I share why “knowing who you are” is not enough & is only the beginning. I talk about the reset that is needed to come into your own truth and fulfill your soul’s purpose and … I invite you to take an honest look at how you are showing up in your relationships.



The invitation: step through the threshold

It is time to remember yourself as the Lighthouse that you are.
I also share an opportunity on how to come into your full Remembrance so you can be, do & create all that you came here for. 

Your Guide

Stephanie Claus is a Purpose Activator, Multidimensional Being and Masterbuilder of the New Lightgrid. She specializes in unlocking your dormant potential and translating your intuitive knowing, your abilities and your visions into practical steps.

She is the creator of the Temple of Remembrance, a 12 week online self-initiation, in which she guides you from Seeking into Mastery so you can be, do and create all that you came here for. Be ready for change and transformation, as she is devoted to assist you in aligning your life to your highest vision.

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