A self-initation into living your purpose, your power & full potential

Have you become a "Spiritual Seeker",
always trying to reach that next level, doing the healing & clearing work, practicing gratitude and raising your vibration, but you are not owning your own mastery & leadership?

Are your self-doubt & your fears holding you back from fully being yourself and sharing your gifts?
Instead you're still trying to be normal and fit in while you are a spiritual, cosmic being at heart.

And be honest with yourself ... are you not being, doing or creating what you came here for?
Most likely, you are busy taking care of loved ones & managing other people's expectations,
instead of contributing your wisdom & making the difference your soul so badly wants to make.

The Temple of Remembrance is here to shift your confusion into crystal clarity,
your self-doubt into confidence and your fear into trust.

Each Being who journeys through the Temple of Remembrance will have a very unique transition
but here are some of the changes you can expect:


  • You are able to answer 2 foundational questions in life: “Who am I?" and "Why am I here?”.
  • You have a greater understanding of your life’s journey and see your unique purpose & contribution.

  • You are stepping into Mastery and no longer give your power away to anything or anyone outside of yourself.
  • You have uncovered more of your gifts, talents & abilities and know how to share them.
  • You trust your inner knowing and you express yourself with ease as you share your truth, your voice,
    your message and your gifts in your own unique way, which feels natural to you.

  • Your life looks radically different - in a way that meets your soul and nourishes your heart.
  • You feel more fulfilled, at peace, "on track" and have a deep love & appreciation for life.

You are here for a reason.

You are here to be a part of a greater shift in consciousness
and there is nothing more fulfilling to your Soul
than being, doing & creating exactly what you are designed for.

It’s not just about Remembering.

the desires & visions you hold deep within.

You are here to download the New Earth Template into physical form.

Your Guide

Stephanie Claus
Purpose Activator - Multidimensional Being - Masterbuilder of the New Lightgrid - Expert at following one's Soul Calling

For as long as I can Remember, I knew myself as a Soul on a journey. My seeking started early on in my teenage years and I rolled from one personal development training into the next one.

I spent most of my life "undercover", hiding that I am a spiritual being, until I made my soul's purpose more important than my fears.

What is more important to me than my 7 years of experience in coaching, circle work & guiding people, is the ability to "download the future" which allows me to see where we are headed as a collective.

It is my gift to unlock your dormant potential and to translate your intuitive knowing, your abilities and your visions into practical steps. Be ready for change and transformation, as I am devoted to assist you in aligning your life to your highest vision.

I am not here to be a teacher or guru, that has created students & followers. I am here to lead in a new way, so that it creates Masters & Leaders.
And together, we can co-create the New.

"I want to express my deep gratitude to Stephanie, for being my Firestarter
and guide me on my path of finding and living my soul's purpose.
This journey changed my life fundamentally."

Program Overview


"To BE what you are, you have to undo who you have become."

WEEK 1: Letting go of roles, expectations & limiting beliefs
Release any conditioning, patterns & roles that are not a match to who you are in essence.

WEEK 2: Connect to Higher Self & the ultimate vision
Tap into your future self and receive your highest, possible vision that will give you direction.

​WEEK 3: Retreat within
Take a break to go within, into silence and meet your-self. We slow down to speed up.


"Once you KNOW who you are, you cannot truly ever forget."

WEEK 4 : Your Life's Theme & Soul's Calling
Gain a greater understanding about your life's journey and see why you are here on Earth at this time.

WEEK 5: Activating your Blueprint
Receive the codes of your Blueprint and see the greater design behind your life.

WEEK 6: Anchoring & discernment
Let your soul's calling & your essence be your anchor point and see clearly what is & isn't serving you on your path.


"Let yourself be a PURE reflection of your essence."

WEEK 7: Uncovering hidden potential & embracing the shadow
More of your gifts & abilities will be revealed, as well as certain aspects of yourself that you have been neglecting.

WEEK 8: Fierce & Fearless. Your voice & your message
Allow your essence to come through in your words, your movements, your actions and face any fear & self-doubt.

WEEK 9: Reset & redesign your life
An exploration into all areas of your life to see the needed changes for you to be, do & create all you came here for.


"When the seeking has ended, all that is left is expansion."

WEEK 10 : Download the future & seeing the highest timeline
Refining your skill to tap into the future for guidance, clarity and knowing the next steps on your path.

WEEK 11: Multidimensional activation & stepping into mastery
Allowing your multidimensional abilities to come online and complete your seeking journey.

WEEK 12: Reset into BEing​
Anchor, stabilize and reset your-self into being aligned with your highest vision & timeline in all moments.

There are 2 pathways into the Temple of Remembrance. Pick your favourite option.

You will receive 12 PRIVATE 90 minute Activation sessions
This is where you receive energetic activations, personal reflections & expand into your highest vision.

In addition, every week you receive:

  • A new MODULE with video & audio material
  • Worksheet for self-inquiry, envisioning & releasing
  • Continuous additional support available through email or audio messages

Focus on your own journey & receive laser-focused guidance.


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This online journey requires a high level of commitment and is only for those
who are willing to invest time, energy and money into their own expansion.

The doors of the Temple of Remembrance are open.

Will you cross the Threshold?

If not now, then when?
If not you, then who?

2020 Copyright by Stephanie Claus
Questions? Email connect@stephanieclaus.com