Leading with your Soul's Purpose

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 Did you have any clue that having a business would be a spiritual journey in and of itself?! 

Your started your business with passion, excitement and a vision.  

Soon you were confronted with yourself: damn, it's scary to put your message and face out into the world, your calendar is full but you're still not really doing "your thing", it's easier to avoid the steps that will really take you to the next level, and procrastination and distraction have become your best friends.  

Even though you trust in the abundance of this universe you can't help but think: "Help! I need more money & more clients!"

So you start watching different webinars, try to get over your abundance blocks, take on the latest advice of a business guru that promises you the 3 secrets to success (aka making that first 100.000€). 

... but your efforts only lead to more hussle & struggle. Your business now equals stress & overwhelm. (and let's be honest, that's a pity!)  

  Here is what the typical business strategies miss:  

You are a unique soul on a unique journey. There is no "one-size-fits-all" business template. (It's with pleasure that we bust this myth!)

Then how can you build a thriving business ? 

Let your purpose be the foundation of your business.  

When you are connected to who you are, why you are here and what your unique contribution is, you can build a business that reflects your essence. You see ... you are here to bring your unique essence into a form.  

You might think your main challenge is finding your purpose, but we can confidently say that we can help you get crystal clear on your purpose in 2 days (that's why we do a Purpose Intensive at the beginning of our program!).  

The real challenge is LIVING it.  

You are not alone. Most of the "spiritual entrepreneurs" we work with :  

  • are afraid to share their gifts openly with the world (especially their intuitive, healing, energetic gifts)
  • don't move forward because the fear of judgment & rejection holds them back
  • are busy taking care of others and put their own soul's mission on pause 

Can you see that running a business is not just about getting your goals, strategy and finances straight?  

Being an entrepreneur is a practice in self-expression & self-realization.  

You'll meet your fears, your shadows and your limiting beliefs. Your old patterns will kick in and stop you from stepping into your fullest potential. 

And yet ... 

you know you are here for more and no longer want to ignore the call of your soul!  

You've come to the right place (well, the right page)! Let us introduce you to Leading with your Soul's Purpose.

The business mentoring program for SPIRITUAL and PURPOSE-DRIVEN ENTREPRENEURS that supports you to: 

  •  make the CONTRIBUTION you are here to make
  •  claim your GIFTS and EXPRESS yourself more FULLY
  •  make GREAT MONEY doing what you love  

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YOUR PURPOSE AS YOUR FOUNDATION This is about deeply connecting to your essence, your soul's purpose and understanding: "who am I? Why am I here? What is my contribution?". Turning your purpose into the foundation of your business gives you more clarity, direction & focus. And ...this is where the magic happens!  

YOUR LIFESTYLE AS A REFLECTION OF YOUR ESSENCE Here we look at the different areas of your life to see what is a match for your soul's purpose and what is draining you. Eliminate distractions and get your priorities straight. Be more energized, inspired & fulfilled as you find a new lifestyle that supports you in doing your soul's work. 

ABUNDANCE AS YOUR NATURAL STATE This is about breaking through your money blocks so you know your own value and worth & can confidently ask money for your services. Abundance is not just a "money game", it's a practice in receiving more - in all areas of your life.

YOUR EXPRESSION WORKS LIKE A MAGNET Here we help you to more fully be yourself. It's time for you to "come out of your shell" and have the confidence & courage to share your gifts, truth & message. As you embody your unique essence, you naturally stand out, become an inspiration for others & attract your ideal customers.  

A BUSINESS STRATEGY THAT WORKS FOR YOU We help you to create offers and services that are an expression of your purpose. Learn to use strategy and structure in a way that works for you. As a result, you'll be so excited to sell your offers and do the work you're here to do. Doing business this way (your way!) is juicy, energizing & fulfilling.

"I couldn't believe it, but I quadrupled my income in one month. This program helped me to claim my expertise and bring focus into my work. Finally I created the training I have been dreaming of for a lifetime. I don't know what I would have done without the support of Geoff & Stephanie." LISA R.  


  •  you know you've got more in you and you want to say yes to living it in 2020.  
  • you're a spiritual being who has been hiding for too long (= the undercover lightworker syndrome).  
  • you are ready to live a life "outside the box": your path, your business, your life, your rules!  
  • you want to go next level with your business: yes, that includes more profit & more impact.


  •  you are not willing to face your fears and get out of your comfort zone. Our work helps you to make changes in your life & business RIGHT NOW - not in 5 years.  
  • you are only interested in making more money. We work with people who are purpose-driven and want to make a bigger contribution, so you feel like "I'm doing what I'm here for."  
  • you have no commitment or the willingness to truly lead with (aka prioritize) your soul's purpose.  

"I want to express my deep gratitude to Geoff & Stephanie, for being my Firestarters and guiding me on my path of finding and living my soul's purpose. This journey changed my life fundamentally." HILDE M. 

Hi, Stephanie & Geoff here! What excites us is working with passionate entrepreneurs who want to make living their purpose a reality.  

Stephanie Claus is gifted in pinpointing people's Soul Essence and translating it into practical business strategy. She happily confronts your bullsh*t so that you break through what is holding you back and dare to express yourself fully.

Geoff Newton connects you to the voice of your own truth through his intuitive approach. With over 10 years of experience both in sales & in coaching he helps you to find new solutions, clarity & confidence for growing your business.  

Combining our gifts works like magic to unlock the best in you!

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  • 2,5 day PURPOSE INTENSIVE in November
  • 3,5 day BUSINESS BOOST in January





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BONUS 4: Food & accommodation INCLUDED during your events - value of 1500€ We like to treat you as a king/queen during our live experiences and make sure you don't have to worry about anything. You free up time in your calendar and we take care of the rest. These events will be held in the Netherlands. 

It's time for you to COME OUT OF YOUR SHELL 

The gifts you have been HIDING, are exactly what the world need